Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Egg decorating

I have something a bit different to share with you today and what fun this was.

We are having an Easter Egg decorating competition at work tomorrow. Everyone's names were put into a hat and whichever name you picked out you have to decorate an egg to represent them in some way. I picked out Alithea. Alithea is the lady who organises the Christmas Party and she is known throughout the office as the Christmas Fairy (she is also known as the Kitchen Elf and Mrs Fix-it as she is brilliant with the photocopier!!). So I suppose this was really an easy one to pick as making a fairy was perhaps a lot easier than trying to depict the Boss!!

It really does not look anything like Alithea as she has brown short hair, but the only stipulation was to represent the person - so that is what I have done.

I got the gorgeous googly eyes with the eyelashes in a 99p pack from The Works and the hair was some that I had in a box that was leftover from when I used to paint ceramics many moons ago. A bit of netting, some pipe cleaners, a couple of fairy themed brads and there you go!

Great fun and should be a real giggle tomorrow when all the eggs turn up - unfortunately I will not be in the office as it is my day at College, but hopefully someone will take lots of pictures.

Karen x

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Beth aka BR-T said...

Oh my gosh this cracks me up I am so glad you created this! How fun!