Friday, 11 December 2009

Some more Christmas Tree decorations - by me this time

I mentioned yesterday that I was almost finished some decorations that I have been making for my tree in Spain - well here they are - little knitted socks. I got the pattern off the Little Cotton Rabbits website and they are just adorable. I have done them in traditional Christmas colours, but you could do them to match any colour scheme. They take no time to knit up, but I must admit I am useless at the sewing up and it takes me longer to do that than to knit them. All worth it though I think!

Also in the pictures are some of the ceramic tree decorations that I have painted, I think my favourites are the Santa heads, but then again I do so love the teddies and the gingerbread girls - can you tell - I just so love anything Christmas!

I also have a project to finish making some decorations with cinamon sticks, but whether this gets done this year or not is another question. If I get them done, I will post a photo - It may be that I will take the bits and pieces on holiday with me and get them finished in Spain.

Karen x


jenny said...

Aww I love the little socks Karen, so cute! I wish I could knit!!
Have a wonderful holiday and Happy Christmas x

Jenny xx

COCO said...

OHHHH VERY NICE !!!!! I love it and very good idea !!!!
hugs coco

gina g said...

Hi Karen These are gorgeous hope you enjoy your hols. Thank you so much for the message you left me regarding my op, i'm sure i will be fine but i have other health probs which doesn't help lol. luv gina xx

Deb said...

very sweet, those socks are so cute! have a great weekend, hugs Debx