Monday, 7 February 2011

Valentine teddy

I have another one of my little teddy cards to share with you today.

The hearts paper on this one started life as Tesco wrapping paper and this was the last little bits left of it - must check them out this year to see if they have anything worth buying to put in my box!

When our grandaughter reached the age of around 4 we started sending her a Valentine card each year and it has now become a ritual that she expects every year and this year it appears that her twin brothers are to get their first ones (they are now 4 years old). The really fun bit about sending these is that my husband always writes the little poem to go inside - this is the only time of the year that he ever does anything like this and it always makes me chuckle - I only hope that he realises that he has 3 different ones to write this year.

Have a great week.

Karen x

1 comment:

LisaG said...

Looks great Karen! Like your wrapping paper recycling! Do that myself a few times. I'm sure Sophie is going to love the card. Is your writing from a die or a cricut catridge? I have a similar die to the font you did "Be My" in, but not the "Valentine" font. It's lovely.

Keep up the good work. I must get my creations on my blog. I'm in a design team now too, so that's keeping me busy.

Take care.
Lisa xx