Saturday, 26 April 2008

Here is a picture of my dogs Benji and Jambo. I had mentioned them to Janet and also to Debs and said that I would upload a picture onto the blog. The other "little princess fairy" in the picture is my grand-daughter Sophie - I just love her to bits.

I have now managed to get these papers printed out in the colour they should have been. Really quite different from the ones I printed last weekend. I really liked the purple and blue ones, just a pity that I will probably never be able to get them that colour again.
I'm off to play with my new Panduro stamps which arrived on Friday. Just hoping that my OH will go and watch a football match this afternoon so that I can get some time to get a couple of cards made.


Janet said...

Aww what a gorgeous photo of your dogs and grandaughter! The card is lovely too. The little cairn looks like my dearest Lucy who passed away 18mths ago aged 12. They would love these too on Terrier Talk! Debs joined yesterday too

MeandLilG said...

Hi there. Fab photo! I've got a little fairy princess like that, too. Lil G is 5 now and starts at Rainbows on Monday.

I put Fidgit's pic on Terrier Talk but it's MASSIVE for some reason.

Love the card, too xxx

pickle said...

Lovely card. The backing paper looks great.
Love the picture of your dogs and grand-daughter.Your grand-daughter is a very pretty little lady and your dogs are lovely.
This is my first visit to you little blog but i'll be back soon to see some more of your lovely crafty creations.
kerry x

All Pink girl said...

Arr what a fabulous photo ,they are both so cute xxxxx
love your card to realy gorgeous ,Dawnx

Alison said...

Oh what a fab photo. I used to have a westie too. Card is super.

Happily Ever After said...

The paper is so different to the first one you printed its nice with a touch of yellow tho. Iv bought a cuddly buddly stamp of ebay hoping to get it tomoro its really cute she's holding a basket of daisys.