Thursday, 3 July 2008

A few days in the sun

This will be my last posting until Wednesday next week. I am heading off to our place in Spain this evening to meet up with my sister Linsey for a few days of sun and lots of red wine!

I am here in the far North of Scotland and she is in Lincolnshire so we do not manage to meet up that often so I am really excited about seeing her around midnight tonight at Alicante airport as I miss seeing her so much.

Will catch up next week when I get back.

Karen x


Alison said...

Have a great time Karen.

Sonia said...

Karen have a wonderful time catching up with your sister. Take it easy with the wine ;)

Happily Ever After said...

Welcome home mum hope you had a nice time. I was in bed when you phoned as i was on nights last nights and got no sleep im sure you will be checking this as soon as your home.

Nijole said...

Good words.