Tuesday, 24 June 2008

I have been tagged

I have been tagged by Kitty so here are my answers to the questions:

What was happening ten years ago
I was getting ready to go off on a belated Honeymoon to Barcelona (We got married in the February but decided to wait until the summer to head off to the sun).

Name 5 things I will be doing today
Really boring but need to the the company registered for VAT at work.
Make appointment to get hair cut and coloured.
Finish off 3 cards that I need to send off to my sister.
Watch Sunday edition of Brothers and Sisters that I have not yet had time to watch.
Send off a sympathy card to a friend who has just lost her dad.

Snacks I enjoy
Any kind of chocolate as long as it has no nuts in.
Dried Apricots.

Things I would do if I was a millionaire
Start my own craft shop and card making classes.
Pay off the kids Mortgages.
Buy a bigger property in Spain with it's own pool (rather than having to share).
Take all the family to Disney.

Places I have Lived
Was born in Aberdeen, Scotland. Lived in Peterhead, Scotland for the next 22 years, Got married and moved to Rheindahlen Germany for 4 years, back to Aberdeen for 7 years and moved to where I am in Elgin, Scotland 12 years ago.

I will now tag Sonia, Alison, and Stephanie as everyone else I know have already been tagged I think.

Karen x


Alison said...

Thanks Karen x

Sonia said...

Thanks Karen :) Haven't done anything with it so far as been having teeth trouble :(